Loose Silky-bent

Loose Silky-bent
Loose Silky-bent Apera spica-venti  Photo: Jo Parameter

We were thrilled to find an arable field full of Loose Silky-bent Apera spica-venti when we visited Chris Knight’s farm at Gooderstone and Oxborough.

Arable incomers

bristle grass
Rough Bristle-grass Setaria verticillata   Photo: Bob Ellis

Yesterday I was botanising in Ditchingham along the edge of field of barley stubble and found my first bristle-grass of the season.

Sharp Rush on Titchwell Marsh

Sharp rush
Sharp Rush (Juncus acutus)   Photo: Janet Higgins

Wild Flowers Revealed is a joint meeting between the Norfolk Flora Group and the Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists’ Society. This year the meeting was held at RSPB Titchwell Marsh Nature Reserve, and as always, it was a popular and informative meeting.