Recent Sighting

Scaly Male Fern Crosiers

scaly male fern
Scaly Male Fern Dryopteris affinis  Photo: Janet Higgins

We were exploring Hevingham Park and noticed about 20 large fern plants in an open area of the woodland .   Last year's fronds were dying off and from the center of the crown, the new fronds were unfurling.


Glory-of-the-snow Scilla forbesii   Photo: Janet Higgins

We spotted a small patch of Glory-of-the-snow growing amongst Cow Parsley Anthriscus sylvestris on the top of a steep roadside bank alongside an agricultural field.  It was around 50 meters from the nearest house on Pit Street in Lower Southrepps.


Coltsfoot Tussilago farfara Photo: Bob Ellis

We spotted a small patch of Coltsfoot in a strip of wet woodland on the northwestern edge of Southrepps parish. The flower shoots were emerging out of the woodland floor and the flowers just beginning to open.

Annual Buttonweed

Annual Buttonweed Cotula australis  Photo: Jo Parmenter

We found Annual Buttonweed in a roadside gutter in urban Rollesby. This was a rather unexpected find, as there have only been 78 previous records of this plant for the UK, and only 2 from Norfolk, for Kelling Heath Caravan Park and an urban location in North Walsham.