Janet Higgins


Glory-of-the-snow Scilla forbesii   Photo: Janet Higgins

We spotted a small patch of Glory-of-the-snow growing amongst Cow Parsley Anthriscus sylvestris on the top of a steep roadside bank alongside an agricultural field.  It was around 50 meters from the nearest house on Pit Street in Lower Southrepps.

Railway Flora

sticky groundsel
Sticky groundsel Senecio viscosus   Photo: Bob Ellis

Two typical plants were found growing alongside the railway track on the Norfolk Flora Group outing to survey the Mid-Norfolk Railway.

Rare Rustyback

rusty back fern
Rustyback Asplenium ceterach   Photo: Janet Higgins

Rustyback is more common in the west of England so we were delighted to find this population growing on a wall in Norfolk during a Norfolk Flora Group excursion to the Snorings.

Hairy, Striped and Pink

hairy bindweed
Hairy Bindweed Calystegia pulchra   Photo: Janet Higgins

We are all used to seeing the white trumpets of Calystegia sepium, the native Hedge Bindweed, and also the rather showier Large Bindweed Calystegia sylvatica, which came here from southwestern Europe, but this very pretty pink and white striped p