Shrubby Hare's-ear

Shrubby Hare's-ear
Shrubby Hare's-ear Bupleurum fruticosum Photo: Jo Parmenter

Shrubby Hare's-ear Bupleurum fruticosum found naturalised on the North Denes in Gt Yarmouth by Tim Hodge.  This is the first record for VC27 and the first for Norfolk.

Succulent Sea Rocket

sea rocket
Sea Rocket Cakile maritima   Photo: Janet Higgins

A large group gathered at Winterton for the opportunity to see some of the coastal specialities. Sea Rocket is doing very well and was found scattered all over the fore dunes.

Scrambling Sea Bindweed

sea bindweed
Sea Bindweed Calystegia soldanella   Photo: Janet Higgins

Our jolly to Winterton Dunes NNR to see some of the coastal specialities did not disappoint.There was a lovely display of Sea Bindweed Calystegia soldanella, shown here scrambling amongst the abundant Marram Grass Ammophila arenaria.

Spiny Slender Thistle

slender thistle
Slender Thistle Carduus tenuiflorus  Photo: Janet HIggins

We were excited to see this spiny thistle on a Norfolk Flora Group outing to Berney Marshes. A large stand was found growing in a drier area, around the base of a disused windmill alongside Breydon water.