Forked Catchfly

Forked Catchfly Silene dichotoma  Photo:Jo Parmenter

Thrilled to find a large population of the non-native annual, Forked Catchfly Silene dichotoma, on the edge of a proposed development site on the edge of Thetford. Thanks to Bill & Carol Hawkins for the tip-off!

Stinking Fleabane

Stinking Fleabane  Dittrichia graveolens  Photo: Jo Parmenter

While cycling to Whitlingham to see the recently discovered Ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia), Louis Parkerson spotted a clump of plants with yellow flowers beside the A47, and stopped to take some photos as they looked very similar to a patch of plants that

Mown Fiddle Dock

fiddle dock
Fiddle Dock Rumex pulcher   Photo: Jo Parmenter

The distinctly 'waisted', cordate leaves of Fiddle Dock Rumex pulcher were found growing in discrete clumps in a churchyard (common Norfolk habitat).

Railway Flora

sticky groundsel
Sticky groundsel Senecio viscosus   Photo: Bob Ellis

Two typical plants were found growing alongside the railway track on the Norfolk Flora Group outing to survey the Mid-Norfolk Railway.

Rare Rustyback

rusty back fern
Rustyback Asplenium ceterach   Photo: Janet Higgins

Rustyback is more common in the west of England so we were delighted to find this population growing on a wall in Norfolk during a Norfolk Flora Group excursion to the Snorings.

Green Nightshade

green nightshade
Green Nightshade Solanum physalifolium   Photo: Bob Ellis

It's mid September and Green Nightshade, Solanum physalifolium, seems to be turning up a little more than usual this year but it may just be down to my rather random wanderings. These plants were in a sugar beet field in Felthorpe.