Recent Sighting

Basil Thyme

basil thyme
Basil Thyme Clinopodium acinos   Photo: Jake Brendish

The eagle-eyed Mary continues to miss nothing - after we recorded plenty of Eyebrights Euphrasia spp. and Small scabious Scabiosa columbaria, she spotted the minute Basil Thyme Clinopodium acinos in grassland at the edge of a forestry plantation and earned 'P

Forked Catchfly

Forked Catchfly Silene dichotoma  Photo:Jo Parmenter

Thrilled to find a large population of the non-native annual, Forked Catchfly Silene dichotoma, on the edge of a proposed development site on the edge of Thetford. Thanks to Bill & Carol Hawkins for the tip-off!

Loose Silky-bent

Loose Silky-bent
Loose Silky-bent Apera spica-venti  Photo: Jo Parameter

We were thrilled to find an arable field full of Loose Silky-bent Apera spica-venti when we visited Chris Knight’s farm at Gooderstone and Oxborough.

Sea Club-rush

Sea Club-rush
Sea Club-rush Bolboschoenus maritimus  Photo: Mike Crewe

Suki Pryce spotted Bolboschoenus maritimus Sea Club-rush on the Overstrand sea front, growing with other interesting species such as Atriplex portulacoides Sea-purslane and Triglochin maritimum Sea Arrowgrass, none of which have


Sanicle Sanicla europaea  Photo: Jo Parmenter

Sanicle in full flower at NWT’s Ashwellthorpe Wood Reserve for a well-attended joint meeting with Norfolk and Norwich Naturalist’s Society.