Bob Ellis

Spring Snowflakes

spring snowflake
Spring Snowflake Leucojum vernum  Photo:Bob Ellis

Quite a few plants of Spring Snowflake were seen near Dereham beside a track. Some were between the track edge and a garden fence and some were at the edge of woodland on the opposite side of the track.

Green Nightshade

green nightshade
Green Nightshade Solanum physalifolium   Photo: Bob Ellis

It's mid September and Green Nightshade, Solanum physalifolium, seems to be turning up a little more than usual this year but it may just be down to my rather random wanderings. These plants were in a sugar beet field in Felthorpe.

Pretty in pink

scarlet pimpernel
Scarlet Pimpernel Anagallis arvensis forma pallida   Photo: Bob Ellis

On a long, lonely footpath between Foulsham and Foxley beside an abandoned field of barley, I came across a single plant of Scarlet Pimpernel with pale pink flowers.

Arable incomers

bristle grass
Rough Bristle-grass Setaria verticillata   Photo: Bob Ellis

Yesterday I was botanising in Ditchingham along the edge of field of barley stubble and found my first bristle-grass of the season.

A discovery to dye for

Dyers greenweed
Dyer's Greenweed Genista tinctoria   Photo: Bob Ellis

On a sunny day in mid-June I was delighted to come across a small patch of Dyer's Greenweed  Genista tinctoria, on the top of a ditchbank beside a quiet track near Wacton in South Norfolk.