Spring Snowflakes

spring snowflake
Spring Snowflake Leucojum vernum  Photo:Bob Ellis

Quite a few plants of Spring Snowflake were seen near Dereham beside a track. Some were between the track edge and a garden fence and some were at the edge of woodland on the opposite side of the track.

Native Daphne in Flower

spurge laurel
Spurge-laurel Daphne laureola    Photo: Jo Parmenter

Spurge-laurel is very frequent on the Norfolk-Suffolk claylands, where it is typically spotted lurking on the banks of hedged ditches. This one was in a woodland between Holt and Fakenham in west Norfolk, on chalky clays in a dampish woodland.

Annual Buttonweed

Annual Buttonweed Cotula australis  Photo: Jo Parmenter

We found Annual Buttonweed in a roadside gutter in urban Rollesby. This was a rather unexpected find, as there have only been 78 previous records of this plant for the UK, and only 2 from Norfolk, for Kelling Heath Caravan Park and an urban location in North Walsham.