A workshop at the Wheatfen Study Centre

Several identification workshops are held each year both indoors and in the field. In the past few years we have covered Alien Grasses, Atriplex (Oraches), Charophytes (Stoneworts), Chenopodium (Goosefoots), Epilobium (Willowherbs), Lamiaceae (the Dead-nettle family), Lemna (Duckweeds), Lathyrus (Peas), Medicago (Medicks), Salix (Willows), Vicia (Vetches), Trifolium (Clovers), Pteridophytes (Ferns & Fern Allies), Use of the Norwich Herbarium, and a Rubus (Bramble) workshop has been held every year since 2003. Some of the workshop handouts are available here.

Moose looks on in disdain - he's seen it all before