Umbel of Flowering Rush

Flowering rush
Flowering Rush Butomus umbellatus    Photo: Ian Senior

An early season Norfolk Flora group outing to the grazing marshes was obviously a good time to catch the flowering rush Butomus umbellatus in flower. The erect flowering stem topped with a handsome umbel of pinkish, purplish flowers was growing in the shallow water, alongside a ditch crammed with Frogbit Hydrocharis morsus-ranae and Water Soldier Stratiotes aloides. The cattle gathered round, fortunately on the other side of the ditch, to join in the excitement.

The cattle look on!  Photo: Ian Senior

Even if you are not lucky enough to see this plant in flower, it is well worth looking out for its sharply triangular leaves which characteristically taper to a flat leaf 'with a twist' above the midpoint.


Janet Higgins