Janet Higgins

Scaly Male Fern Crosiers

scaly male fern
Scaly Male Fern Dryopteris affinis  Photo: Janet Higgins

We were exploring Hevingham Park and noticed about 20 large fern plants in an open area of the woodland .   Last year's fronds were dying off and from the center of the crown, the new fronds were unfurling.

Purple Willow buds bursting

purple willow
Purple Willow Salix purpurea  Photo: Bob Ellis

Whilst tramping through the reed on Guist Common, we came across a couple of willow shrubs.  The subopposite smallish (9-12mm), slightly curved, male flower buds with a slight reddish tinge suggested Purple Willow.  To confirm the identity we stripped the bark off a young t