Tree Cotoneaster in Fincham churchyard

Tree Cotoneaster (C. frigidus)  Photo: Jo Parmenter

We found this Tree Cotoneaster in Fincham churchyard, in west Norfolk; there were a  number of plants present, it would appear that the local birds have taken a liking to the berries and have deposited them in various locations around the village. We found another ten or so saplings further to the west.

Tree Cotoneaster (C. frigidus)  Photo: Jo Parmenter

Cotoneaster identification is difficult and there are many horticultural varieties. We identified this as the pure species, C. frigidus, distinguishing it from the willow-leaved cotoneaster (C. salicifolius), and its hybrid with C.  frigidus, C. x watereri, by the veins being only slightly impressed.

Jo Parmenter