Tufted Sedge

tufted sedge
Tufted Sedge Carex elata Photo: Jo Parmenter

I went to a bit of fen that was cleared of scrub last year, and the extra light along the ditch edge has resulted in Tufted Sedges flourishing.

Neglected Chickweed

greater chickweed
Greater Chickweed Stellaria neglecta  Photo: Janet Higgins

During my lunchtime walk around Bowthorpe Marshes, I noticed a patch of chickweed, growing in the long grass beneath some trees, along the edge of a the footpath.


Bogbean (Menyanthes trifoliata)   Photo: Suki Pryce

Bogbean growing like a weed in a pond north of Felmingham, late April. I've never seen it growing like this before.