Sea Club-rush

Sea Club-rush
Sea Club-rush Bolboschoenus maritimus  Photo: Mike Crewe

Suki Pryce spotted Bolboschoenus maritimus Sea Club-rush on the Overstrand sea front, growing with other interesting species such as Atriplex portulacoides Sea-purslane and Triglochin maritimum Sea Arrowgrass, none of which have

Urban Surprises

Rosy Garlic flowers
Rosy Garlic Allium roseum   Photo: Robin Stevenson

Two neophytes of garden origin turned up recently in King's Lynn, both some distance from any garden, so had obviously established themselves in the wild.

Oval Sedge

oval sedge
Oval Sedge Carex leporina  Photo: Mike Crewe

The oval heads with clawed tips to the bracts make Oval Sedge an easy species to identify. We saw quite a few plants at East Wretham Heath.

A discovery to dye for

Dyers greenweed
Dyer's Greenweed Genista tinctoria   Photo: Bob Ellis

On a sunny day in mid-June I was delighted to come across a small patch of Dyer's Greenweed  Genista tinctoria, on the top of a ditchbank beside a quiet track near Wacton in South Norfolk.