Janet Higgins

Sharp Rush on Titchwell Marsh

Sharp rush
Sharp Rush (Juncus acutus)   Photo: Janet Higgins

Wild Flowers Revealed is a joint meeting between the Norfolk Flora Group and the Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists’ Society. This year the meeting was held at RSPB Titchwell Marsh Nature Reserve, and as always, it was a popular and informative meeting.

Abundant Hoary Mullein

Hoary Mullein (Verbascum pulverulentum)  Photo: Janet Higgins

This appears to be a good year for Hoary Mullein.  It was scattered throughout the UEA and surrounding areas with an abundant patch in a field opposite the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

Marsh Pea on Ranworth Marsh

marsh pea
Marsh Pea (Lathyrus palustris)   Photo: Janet Higgins

These stunning blue and purple pea-flowers were found in tall herb fen at Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s Ranworth Reserve (part of the Bure Broads and Marshes NNR).  This is a part of the Reserve only accessible by boat and we were very grateful to NWT staff for enabling access